Mineral Processing

Reliable hydrometallurgy pipes withstand corrosion, slurry abrasion, high temperatures and pressures.

Mineral Processing facilities are complex systems, requiring high level of process controls and monitoring to maximize the operation efficiency, leading to a stronger bottom line.

  Pipe reliability play a big part in keeping the system stable and controlled, if pipe failure occurs, it will most likely lead to a line shut down meaning direct impact of revenue.

  Pexgol long relationship with the Mineral Processing Industry makes Pexgol a proven industrial pipe solution for areas where other materials are either failing or too expensive to replace in kind.

  The superior Wear resistance, together with High Temperature (110c/230f), combined with light weight another unique properties, make us a Pipe material of choice for those who have worked with Pexgol before.

  If you are looking to increase pipe reliability in your facility, on budget, or planning a new facility and trying to reduce Capital costs involved with alloys – Pexgol will deliver those for you.


Some of Pexgol’s advantages:

  • Typically lower-cost alloy compared to exotic materials
  • Pipe material allows operating temperatures up to 110°C/230°F 
  • Resistant a wide range of acids
  • Smooth internal surface reduces energy and scale build-up
  • Does not require special treatment such as levelling, preparation, or handling as some rigid pipes (FRP, GRP) may require
  • Eliminates corrosion related to failures and repairs
  • Resistant to cyclic fatigue
  • Durable and impact-resistant




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