ICL Group, Dead Sea Works

Israel | 1987


  • Extremely high corrosive liquid
  • High working temperature
  • Mild conditions


PEXGOL PIPES USED: Pexgol ѓ225, ѓ280 mm.

APPLICATION: Transportation of high temperature KCL+NaCl brine


LENGTH: Straight sections of a few meters; 40 meters in total

The Challenge

The highly concentrated brine and temperature of the hot leach cycle: up to 114°C/237°F at the Dead Sea created a highly corrosive environment, which reduced the life of the original pipes dramatically. Working conditions were so extreme that life of the previous steel alloy piping was only 8-12 months.

Pexgol’s Solution

The installation of a Pexgol pipe that has been in use at this potassium process plant for over 20 years without any failures or need to be replaced. The pipe’s high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and high-temperature resistance drastically reduced the changeover in the piping system and have proven to be the best solution for this client.