el volcan mining

El Volcan Mine Arcelor Mittal

Mexico | 2017


  • Pressure 189 psi; height difference 130 m; solids 15-20 %; fluid temperature 20-25°C.


PEXGOL PIPES USED:  Pexgol Class 15 160 x 14.6.

APPLICATION:  Dewatering
LENGTH:  650 meters

The Challenge

El Volcan Mine was facing an excess of water that required dewatering. During rainy season the Mine area suffers from constant floods due to high level groundwater that wasn’t taken under consideration.

In addition, the client was looking for a quick and easy to install solution, since the pipe was going to be suspended, and a regular pipe will require supports.


Pexgol’s Solution

El Volcan Mine decided to replace their current 6” RD11 HDPE pipe for a Pexgol class 15 pipe 160 x 14.6 due to it quick and easy installation.

650 meters of Pexgol pipe was provided. The installation was done in a quick and efficient way, and count with Pexgol technical support during the whole process.