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PEXtremely Reliable Pipe

Made from the proven PE-Xa material, offer the most comprehensive pre-insulated thermoplastic piping system solution in the industry today.

Due to its high temperature and pressure ratings, PexgolNRG is suitable for medium and low temperature DE Systems, CHP Systems, BioEnergy, Steam Condensate Return Systems, Chilled Water and Potable Water Distribution Systems above or below ground. PexgolNRG is based on industry-proven PEXGOL solutions, which have been successfully installed in the mining and industrial market sectors for over 25 years and have withstood the harshest of conditions.

With superior durability and longevity combined with low installation and operational costs, PexgolNRG is set to revolutionize the way systems are designed and operated in the Energy Transfer industry.

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Bishop University Pipe Changes – 2017

Bishop university opted to changes the original material selection for their hot water (Max Temperature: 200f) from Stainless Steel 5” insulated pipes, to 140mm DR11 Pexgol, realizing the advantage both in reliability, time and overall install cost, using Pexgol.

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