PEXGOL X-Linked Piping Solutions

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What is PEXGOL Pipe?

Pexgol is the world’s leading brand of small, medium & very large diameter PE-Xa Crosslinked Polyethylene pipe & tubing.

Our PEXGOL is produced from a Proprietary Resin. The Resin material is cross-linked through an extrusion process, under high pressures & temperatures – resulting in an unbreakable, 3D cross- linked molecular chain.

The cross-linking process, combined with the use of a raw material that has a very high molecular weight, results in a pipe with unmatched technical performance properties & characteristics.

What are the advantages of Pexgol PE-Xa pipe?

  • Long life expectancy & durability
  • Substantially reduce CAPEX & OPEX
  • Higher Working Temperatures & Pressures
  • Exceptional durability in harsh, corrosive conditions
  • Lowest head-loss coefficient
  • The only PEX-a pipes manufactured up to 710mm (28” Dia.) in diameter.  
  • Available in very long, flexible coils up to 355 mm (14” dia.), eliminating or substantially reducing the need for underground connections
  • Fewer fittings & connections, that eliminate or reduce liability concerns
  • Pre-insulated & field insulated options are available
Pexgol PE-Xa Pipe

A Trustworthy Pexgolâ„¢ Provider

We successfully deliver top-of-the-line thermoplastic pipes for projects all over Canada and the U.S.