District heating is a highly efficient method for providing centralized heating to multiple buildings, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

When it comes to the piping infrastructure in district heating systems, Pexgols PE-Xa pipes stand out as the optimal choice. These pipes excel in district heating applications due to their exceptional high-temperature and pressure resistance, ensuring the safe and reliable transport of hot water or low-temp hot water. Additionally, their flexibility allows for the use of long coils, simplifying installation and minimizing the need for connections, reducing the risk of leaks. Furthermore, PE-Xa pipes can be directly buried underground, reducing maintenance, and prolonging their service life.

Overall, the combination of high temperature and pressure resistance, long coil capabilities, and suitability for direct burial makes PE-Xa pipes the ideal choice for maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of district heating systems.

  • Large diameters up-to 710mm (28”)
  • Suitable for direct buried underground applications
  • Coiled pipe up to 355mm (14”)
  • Spray foam applicable
  • Electrofusion or mechanical connections