District cooling is an innovative and energy-efficient method for cooling large urban areas, reducing the demand for individual air conditioning units.

In this system, chilled water is circulated through a network of pipes to cool buildings, thus promoting sustainability and cost savings. One of the key advantages of PE-Xa pipes in district cooling is their capability to come in large diameters. These larger pipes allow for the efficient transport of chilled water over extended distances, serving a broader network of buildings within a district cooling system. The increased diameter not only enhances the system’s capacity but also minimizes pressure losses, ensuring consistent and reliable cooling throughout the network. Pexgol pipes flexibility allows for long coils, simplifying installation and reducing the need for numerous connections.

Moreover, Pexgols PE-Xa pipes are highly durable making them suitable for direct burial underground, minimizing maintenance and extending the lifespan of the cooling infrastructure. These features make Pexgols PE-Xa pipes an ideal choice for enhancing the efficiency and longevity of district cooling systems while reducing their environmental impact.

  • Large diameters up-to 710mm (28”)
  • Suitable for direct buried underground applications
  • Coiled pipe up to 355mm (14”)
  • Spray foam applicable
  • Electrofusion or mechanical connections