Geo-thermal exchanges are a vital component of sustainable heating and cooling systems, harnessing the Earth’s constant temperature to regulate indoor climates efficiently.

Long vertical wells, often used in geothermal heat pump systems, benefit significantly from the use of Pexgols PE-Xa pipes. These pipes are known for their exceptional thermal conductivity and durability, making them ideal for efficiently transferring heat between the ground and the heating or cooling system. Their flexibility simplifies installation in deep wells, reducing labor and maintenance costs, while their resistance to corrosion ensures long-term performance. Consequently, PE-Xa pipes enhance the effectiveness and longevity of geothermal exchanges, contributing to the overall sustainability of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.

  • Long coiled diameters up to 355mm (14”)
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Flexibility and low natural bend radius