Condensate return is a critical aspect of steam systems, as it involves recovering and recycling condensed steam (condensate) to save energy and reduce water consumption.

Pexgols PE-Xa pipes emerge as the top choice for condensate return systems due to several compelling advantages. First, the extreme internal smoothness minimizes friction, allowing for an efficient and uninterrupted flow of condensate, which is vital for maintaining system performance. PE-Xa pipes also boast remarkable resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long and maintenance-free service life, a crucial factor in condensate return systems. Their flexibility facilitates installation even in densely populated urban environments, where space can be limited, and their high-temperature and pressure resistance guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Additionally, the ability to use long coils simplifies installation, reducing the need for excess connections that can be potential sources for leaks. In sum, PE-Xa pipes are the ideal choice for condensate return systems, offering a comprehensive set of qualities that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of steam systems.

  • Low internal roughness
  • Flexibility of pipe and natural bend radius
  • Coiled pipe up-to 355mm diameter (14”)
  • High temperature Rating (230F)
  • Corrosion Resistance