About Us

Pex Industrial is part of the QI Group of Companies and operates within QI Supply.

In addition to our Energy clients, we provide technical support and supply of Pexgol Industrial solutions to Mining and Industrial companies in Canada and the US. 

Established as a trustworthy Pexgol™ provider, we aim to introduce Pexgol™ pipes as a resistant, resilient and reliable alternative to other pipe materials. We enable industries throughout Canada and the United States to reduce downtime and expenses on their mining and district energy projects.

We successfully deliver top-of-the-line thermoplastic pipes for projects all over Canada and the U.S. Our experts provide extensive knowledge on Pexgol™ products, as well as their versatile applications in various industries. We make sure that you’re well-equipped to use the right pipes and the right solutions for every step of your project.

Pex-Industrial Piping Solutions is part of the QI Group of Companies. The QI Group specializes in technical service and supply with maintenance service companies in the Philippines, South Africa, and Madagascar.

Our industry experts in Pexgolâ„¢ products are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

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