Pex Industrial is Part of the QI Group of Companies, established to introduce Pexgol™ Pipe material to industries and municipalities throughout Canada and the U.S. QI Group specializes in technical service and supply with maintenance service companies in the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, and Madagascar.  

Pexgol™ is manufactured by Golan Plastic, established in 1964, specializing in the manufacturing of Crossed Linked Polyethylene (PE-Xa,b,c) pipes. They’re also the only PE-Xa pipes to reach sizes of up to 28″ in diameter (see more on how it’s made below).  


What is Pexgol

Pexgol™ pex pipes are produced from a Pe-Xa resin. During production, the material is extruded and cross-linked under high pressures and temperatures, resulting in an unbreakable (chemical) cross-connection between adjacent polyethylene molecules. The cross-linked material is actually a 3D network and the pipe itself becomes one enormous molecule.  

The combination of a raw material of very high molecular weight with the cross-linking process results in a pipe with very impressive properties including:  

  • Higher working temperatures and pressures  
  • Better abrasion resistance  
  • Improved durability in harsh corrosive conditions  
  • Immunity against improper pipe laying procedures  
  • Low head losses and reduced downtime resulting in considerable cost savings 
  • High-value for asset owner facilities by reducing OPEX and CAPEX. 
What is Pexgol

Why Pexgol

The outstanding proven properties of Pexgol™ allows you to improve your existing system at a lower cost with a higher reliability. Pexgol™ is a great option for abrasive slurry transportation, as well as high-temperature process lines. We can help you avoid overspending on exotic alloys and reduce the frequency of changing pipes due to wear failure.  

When using our long coil options, you can increase your rate of installation, reduce the number of connections, and reduce risk related to them.  

Our wealth of knowledge and reputation of 30 years means you can rely on our integrity and ability to deliver strong solutions and non-stop performance.  

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