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The Challenge

Water line feed from wells to mine

The high pressure and corrosion caused constant failure of the two initial parallel steel pipelines and serious threats to the production process. One steel pipeline was out of service for at least two years and the other suffered from severe corrosion. Since this was the only main line transporting water to the production line, it was critical for the whole production process. The client required a highly durable and a quick install solution for non-stop performance.

The Challenge
Working Conditions

High pressure (over 24 bar), corrosion and ambient temperature at 40°C/104°F. The first 2,750 meters of pipes were covered in sand, the last 2,750 meters were exposed to the sun.

Pexgol Pipes Used

Pexgol 225x30.8, Class 24

5,500 meters

The Solution

The replacement of the steel pipeline with Pexgol’s flexible and high resistance to corrosion pipe solution eliminated previous failures. In addition, Pexgol supplied easy-to-install longer pipes.

The client is so pleased with the solution that he will be replacing the HDPE pipes that are part of this line as well.

  • High resistance to wear:
    Pexgol is the preferred solution for abrasive materials transportation. Typically resists three times more than HDPE and twice more than steel.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance:
    Pexgol pipes can resist a wide range of chemical agents, slurries, toxic and radioactive materials.
  • High temperature resistance:
    Working temperatures can range from -50°C/-58°F up to 110°C/230°F.
  • Superb internal and external corrosion resistance:
    Our pipes are proven to withstand decades of exposure to corrosive environments, with non-stop performance in some of the world’s harshest environments.
  • Low weight:
    Compared to steel or rubber, Pexgol’s solution results in reduced transportation, storage and labor costs due to lower weight per meter.
  • Long pipe sections:
    Pexgol’s pipes can be supplied in long lengths coils, reducing number of joints, installation time and risk.
  • Creep and impact resistance:
    Pexgol’s crosslinking piping solution can withstand high amounts of axial and radial stresses and are highly resistant to impact, fracture and fatigue. Our pipes are also completely resistant to cracks – even when dragged over sharp rocky terrain and coagulated salt crystals.